“Love is forgiv…

“Love is forgiving and Love is for giving.” ~ Wayne Dyer

I love quotes. I especially enjoy listening to Wayne Dyer. This quote appeared on a daily quote page that I frequent. It just happened to be exactly what I needed at this moment. 

I love my husband, but there are some things I find unacceptable that send me into a fit of rage. The unacceptable thing at the moment is not texting or calling when you are going to be late. It’s so inconsiderate. It only takes a few seconds to send a txt saying “Hey baby I’m caught up talking to someone so I’m going to be late”

50 minutes after I had called 3 times and sent multiple texts, getting more angry with each unanswered call, each unanswered text. He finally called and said “I’m talking with someone. I’m sorry. I’ll be leaving shortly”

However irrational it may be, I’m fuming more and more by the by the minute even after he called. I had stopped what I was doing to make dinner, expecting him home in a certain amount of time. When I heard nothing from him for so long I started to worry that he got in a car accident or something equally horrible.

We’ve had this conversation many times before, and still he can’t take a moment to think of me and let me know. 

I would never let him worry like that if I was running late. I think of him.

I know if I can’t calm down and be forgiving it will ruin the entire evening.

I have a hard time controlling how I react. I know I have the power to react differently if I choose. It’s difficult. This quote helps. Love is forgiving. I can forgive and change the outcome, or I can not and do what I usually do. Be pissed off all night, fight, argue. 

“Love is forgiving and Love is for giving”. It is. This night I will choose a different outcome. The quote and writing here has soothed me. This time.


About Stacy Davis

I am a 44 yr married (3rd marriage) mother of a 22 year old daughter (from second marriage). I enjoy photography, specifically editing of photographs. I love to take a shot where perhaps hundreds of other people have stood and took the same or very similar photo and make it uniquely mine. Sometimes that difference is subtle and sometimes it's so dramatic that you wouldn't even know what the original shot was. I enjoy reading. I'm not ashamed to say I enjoy fictional books about vampires, werewolves and any other supernatural sort. I also enjoy reading all kinds of self help books. If I could put into action even a third of all the help I've read, I'd be a damn near perfect human being. But I'm not even close. I still search for a purpose and contentment. Besides reading and photo editing I enjoy sarcasm and complaining..a lot. I try to be helpful to people when I'm not busy being selfish. I am a big believer in telling the truth always. Not sure when that happened since I used to lie so much I would believe my own lies. I read somewhere (I'm sure it was in one of those self help books) that honesty is the highest form of love. Not sure if that's true or not but in my world it is. I am not subtle at all and just call it as I see it. I'm relatively quiet unless I have something to say (not into small talk) or I am completely pissed off. I try hard to be good and grateful but usually just come across as bitchy. Well, that's all the "about me" I'm going to share since I don't even know all about me. Maybe I will figure out more in this blog.
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