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I am a 44 yr married (3rd marriage) mother of a 22 year old daughter (from second marriage). I enjoy photography, specifically editing of photographs. I love to take a shot where perhaps hundreds of other people have stood and took the same or very similar photo and make it uniquely mine. Sometimes that difference is subtle and sometimes it's so dramatic that you wouldn't even know what the original shot was. I enjoy reading. I'm not ashamed to say I enjoy fictional books about vampires, werewolves and any other supernatural sort. I also enjoy reading all kinds of self help books. If I could put into action even a third of all the help I've read, I'd be a damn near perfect human being. But I'm not even close. I still search for a purpose and contentment. Besides reading and photo editing I enjoy sarcasm and complaining..a lot. I try to be helpful to people when I'm not busy being selfish. I am a big believer in telling the truth always. Not sure when that happened since I used to lie so much I would believe my own lies. I read somewhere (I'm sure it was in one of those self help books) that honesty is the highest form of love. Not sure if that's true or not but in my world it is. I am not subtle at all and just call it as I see it. I'm relatively quiet unless I have something to say (not into small talk) or I am completely pissed off. I try hard to be good and grateful but usually just come across as bitchy. Well, that's all the "about me" I'm going to share since I don't even know all about me. Maybe I will figure out more in this blog.

Stacy Davis Various Photos and Artistic Media

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My Husband and I

No fancy photo here. Just one of my favorite pictures of my husband and myself.

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The Lone Tree

This is an earlier photo of mine and one that I have always been drawn to.

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Many of my photos consist of sky and trees. I love bare branches against a nice sky. The light in this one is beautiful. Just a simple sunny morning.

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Beautiful Pond and Bridge View

Again I don’t know where I took this, but it was very peaceful.

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Down the Road

Have no clue where I took this. I really need to label my photos better.

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Surreal Path

One of my favorite photos taken at a state park in New Hampshire.

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Autumn Tree Lined Road

This photo was actually taken in South Carolina in the fall.

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An Interesting Take on Fall Leaves on a Porch

My take on color and art.

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Rocky Beach

I for the most part love really vibrant colors, and though this one doesn’t have that, it really appeals to me. It’s soothing and I like the angle. I have it hanging in my bedroom since it matches the colors … Continue reading

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